We all have a defining story- it's the driving force behind our purpose. Our WHY. Your story deserves to be told. It should connect you to past, present and future clients. It's a badge of honor and it should be worn with pride. 

Sadly, conveying this message is where so many business owners fall short. Most websites are missing emotion, personality and style. Due to knowledge and design limitations, websites are often left lacking. But, it doesn't have to be this way.

At Holli True Designs, my goal is to deliver a beautifully branded website that will set you apart from everyone else. I take what inspires you and translate that into a gorgeous, unique brand. You're juggling enough tasks in your business, leave the design duties to me.

Say goodbye to your basic website template and kick those design limitations to the curb. Say hello to a custom website design experience centered on who you are as an individual. Your website deserves to be beautiful and you deserve something tailored just for you.

Elevate your business to new heights.

"Let me just start by saying I am totally a DIY kind of girl. Up until now I have always done my own website. I knew that I wanted to redo my website but this time I wanted to put it in the hands of a professional. I wanted to change platforms, so I knew it would be more of a process. I had heard so many wonderful things about Showit and I really wanted to step up my website.

After doing some research on website designers, Holli True Designs was the perfect fit for designing a website and having knowledge of Showit. As a photographer, of course, I am very visual and I absolutely loved all the websites that Holli had designed. After talking with Holli she put me at ease and I felt confident that shw would design exactly what I was looking for.

And so the process began. I did not take it lightly and did a whole lot of soul-searching during this process about who I am and what I offer. Let me just say that Holli is very patient and was very good at bringing my thoughts and ideas (the whole jumbled mess of them) into one design that I feel completely represents me as a brand and my vision. Not only is she very good at listening and helping you zone in on your brand and all the little details, but she was amazing at working on a deadline. I am so thankful that I found Holli True Designs to design my amazing website I can’t imagine using anyone else."

Alyssa Chappell

"Holli was great to work with! She was always available to make changes to the design and was very responsive when I had questions! I would highly recommend Holli for your website design! She definitely knows how to create something that's "YOU" and she is super easy to work with!"


"Holli really took the time to get to know me and my brand, and to create a design that truly represents my business. She has such an eye for fonts, colors, and design elements! My new website is such a show-stopper and I have had so many positive comments from clients on how easy it is to navigate and how beautifully it shows off my photos. Thank you for an amazing design experience, Holli!"


"Holli basically read my mind and she helped me realize what I truly wanted for my website. I had lots of ideas and thoughts but it wasn’t until she started the design process that I could see a clear vision of what I was hoping for. She went above and beyond my expectations! Holli is dedicated, driven and so wonderful to work with. She truly cares about helping create brands and websites that reflect who we are and what we do."


"I chose Holli as my Designer for many reasons! In the past, I haven’t had the best experience working with designers, so choosing someone who other highly respected photographers in the industry used was important to me. I knew I would have a trusting designer and person to work with! I loved working with Holli and appreciate all the hard work, knowledge, expertise, and talent she invested in getting to know me, my style, and my branding. Thank you for everything, Holli!!"


"Working with Holli was absolutely amazing! She brought the vision I had for my website to life in an incredible way. She completely understood my style, and was able to represent it all over my new site. I AM IN LOVE with my new website and the way I can show my work in a very fun, modern and easy way to my clients/clients to be. Best investment ever for my business!"


"Holli was so easy to work with. I had no clear direction for my website and she somehow pieced together ideas from our phone call, my Pinterest board, and my images and made a website that perfectly represents me and my business. Even after she launched my website she was there to make sure everything went smoothly. I can’t recommend Holli highly enough! If you are needing a new website, she is worth every penny!


Website Design Services


The Custom Experience is our most popular design collection! Say goodbye to the stress of designing, let me create a beautifully branded website, just for you! Clients love it because it includes everything to give your online presence a beautiful makeover! It also includes a hidden Pricing Page, not linked from your main website- perfect for sending to potential clients.

Blog migration from your current blog posts is included for Wordpress and Squarespace.

INVESTMENT: $3200 (payment plan available)

Custom Website Design, SEO & Metadata
Wordpress Blog Design
Blog Migration (Wordpress, Squarespace)
Maximum of six additional linked pages
Hidden Pricing Page
Brand Board & Color Palette
Content Proofing
New Website Launch Strategy
Custom Instagram Images to hype up your launch
Up to three rounds of revisions

What's Included:


The Luxe Experience is the ultimate design package for Photographers and Creatives who are ready to utilize their website to the fullest extent. This design collection includes a Client Site with a private URL address, perfect for all of your session details, investment info, important links and resources. Client Sites are not only beautifully branded to match your main website, they are a vital tool for your business! This design collection includes everything needed to make an online statement that no one can ignore!

Blog migration from your current blog posts is included for Wordpress and Squarespace.

INVESTMENT: $4500 (payment plan available)

Custom Website Design, SEO & Metadata
Wordpress Blog Design
Blog Migration (Wordpress, Squarespace)
Unlimited additional linked pages
Hidden Pricing Page + Custom Sales Page
Custom Logo
Brand Board & Color Palette
Content Proofing
New Website Launch Strategy
Custom Instagram Images to hype up your launch
Up to three rounds of revisions

What's Included:

Template Shop

Visit  the

Optional Services

Client Info Page

A custom designed Client Info Page can be unlinked or linked directly from your main website. This is perfect for a hidden pricing page, detailed pricing and product listing, Senior Model Program info, model calls, mini shoot details, etc.


Cohesive, custom-designed add-on page
Detailed to your specific needs
Custom Contact Form or Application included

What's Included:

Online Store design

Your online store solution designed in Showit, complete with Shopify Lite or eJunkie integration. Showcase all of your products and educational opportunities all in one place, with a detailed product page listing for each item.

*Shopify Lite recommend, includes a shopping cart.


Custom Sales Page designed in Showit
Shopify or eJunkie integration
Product Listing on one page
Detailed Product Listing for each item
Sales Cart integration with Shopify

What's Included:

Custom Logo

Your brand is a vital asset to your company. It will be featured everywhere- on your website, business cards, marketing materials, stationary, studio door... You deserve a brand that will stand the test of time, one that you truly love.

Based on your style, let's create an authentic brand just for you!

DESIGN TIME: 2-3 Weeks

Primary Logo Design
Secondary Logo Design
Brand Board
Color Palette
Typeface/Font Selection

What's Included:

online mentoring

Online Mentoring is a convenient way of gaining education and guidance, in the comfort of your own home. A Mentoring Session is two hours long and will take place via Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangout. Each Mentoring Session is designed around your specific needs and desired topics.

Popular topics include: Pricing, Branding, Curating Content, SEO and Blogging.


As a Photography Educator and Business Mentor, Branding has always been a huge passion for me! Since 2012, I have been designing websites for Photographers through my Mentoring Program. In 2016, I launched Holli True Designs as a full-force Branding & Design Company for Creatives & Photographers. Based in Oregon.


Monday-Thursday 8am-4pm PST

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