There is a huge misconception that blogging is dead. Sorry to break it to you, but this simply isn’t true. Yes, social media changed the game, which made a lot of photographers abandon ship. But, when it comes down to it, photographers should definitely still be blogging to showcase and promote their business. Don’t believe me? After reading my five reasons why photographers should be blogging, I hope you’ll change your mind.


Want to boost your ranking in Google? Start blogging. Want potential clients to find a link to your website based on specific search terms? Start blogging. Want your beautiful work to appear in Pinterest and Google Images? You guessed it– start blogging.

Every time you press “publish” on a blog post, Googlebots will come crawl your post. The purpose of a Googlebot is to index every line of text and all of the titles of your jpegs. This is HUGE! Because everything gets indexed, it’s pretty self explanatory why including a few paragraphs of on-topic content is also important. In addition to content, you will also need well-crafted titles for all of your images. No one is going to do a search for img-1001.jpg. Photo-only posts won’t cut it and Google won’t be impressed. However, if you take a little time to write about the images, what they represent, where they were taken, who they are of and other various details, those little Googlebots will take in all of that information and index it for Google, which will only help your website in the long-run.

Google only cares about one thing: relevant content. This is why they have a no-nonsense policy and aren’t afraid to blacklist websites that cheat or don’t play by the rules. In the Internet World, Google is King– and the King doesn’t mess around. If you want to rank highest and get your website seen, invest the time, energy and care into your blog. Think about how you want people to find you and create blog titles that are applicable to your blog post. Stay consistent all the way through to your content and image titles. In time, you will start to see a huge change in your rankings and referral traffic.


Think about it, when you write a blog post, you get to spread the word on all of your social media outlets. Post a few image sneak peeks and tidbits of content on your social media platforms, just be sure to keep it brief and inspiring so people feel compelled to click the link to see more. Whatever you do, don’t give all of the details away. Use social media as a way to promote and market your business, not fully showcase. Utilize your website and blog for highlighting complete sessions because it’s the only branded internet real estate that you own- and that’s where you should want to drive traffic.

Think of Social Media as a giant sandbox. You’re sharing this sandbox with all of your industry and community peers, which makes it an even playing field for all of you. When it comes down to it, you’re competing with every other photographer and business there. Start driving that traffic onto your own turf where you can have their full attention and really knock their socks off!


Clients absolutely love being featured- and so do their families. Think about it– when you feature a session and share a post about it on social media something amazing will happen… your client and all of their friends and family will eagerly visit your blog to check it out. In addition, many of them will most likely share a link to your post on their social media outlets, too. You can image what this will do for your daily traffic!

Truth is, clients LOVE being featured and you should be excited about featuring them! This is your opportunity to share all about your experience with them, give them some love and brag about how incredible they are. Potential clients can see these posts, which will tell them multiple things: they’ll see that you’re busy, that you’re still in business and how you interact with your clients. When they read how much fun you had during a session, they’ll want in on the fun, too, which means new bookings. Keep in mind, having new blog posts will also allow potential clients the opportunity to see your most recent work, which may not be featured on your website, if you haven’t recently updated it.


Unlike social media, blog posts are archived, which makes them searchable on search engines. This may not seem like such a big deal, but think about all of the great things you’ve shared on social media. No matter how many likes or comments you have received on each of those posts, they’re not archived. This means potential and past clients can’t search for them, making them almost impossible to find. That is, of course, unless they go digging for them on your wall or feed, which is very unlikely– especially when they wouldn’t even know what to look for.

Remember those fabulous little Googlebots? They’re your friends. When they crawl your site and feed all of the information to Google, they’re archiving everything for you. Every single blog post you share could lead you to a potential client or, at the very least, a new blog follower. In a nutshell, archived content is a gold mine.


Pinterest is major for photographers! If you didn’t think blogging was important before, have you ever noticed that the mass majority of images shared on Pinterest come from blogs? In my opinion, this reason alone makes blogging a no-brainer. With all of the hundreds of thousands of pins being shared and repinned on a daily basis– and the fact that every image links back to the source it was pinned from– this is HUGE! Having your images circulating through Pinterest will only drive more traffic back to your website. Who doesn’t love traffic?! Don’t be surprised if you book clients who find you on Pinterest– trust me, it happens! This is free and effective marketing for you business, friends! And that’s a wonderful thing!

Five Reasons Photographers Should Be Blogging by Holli True Designs | Showit Website Designer for Photographers & Creatives

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